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"Thank you so much for your skillful navigation of our group through this very challenging process...I am VERY pleased with how you kept us focused on the main goal, and kept bringing us back to the basics."

Eileen Wise
Executive Director
Smart Start
State College, PA

"I've engaged Michael's help for 8 years now for everything from Strategic Planning to Public Forum Facilitation to Personal Coaching. When I need outside help, he’s the first one I call"

Lee Sizemore
Board Chair
McKean Collaborative Board
Smethport, PA


“Very few people have been able to capture the attention of my audience.  Michael Brand is one of the few that can.  His engaging style combined with real world applications makes him a favorite at DVAEYC conferences.”

Tyrone Scott
Professional Development Mgr
Philadelphia, PA


“Michael packed a punch with his concise, usable and relevant material.  .  We can’t wait to book him for the next in the series!”

Georgia Abbey
Executive Director
Leadership Centre County
State College, PA


Michael provides unique insight and intuitive understanding of NPO best practices, how to apply these principles and make them practical for our organization.
Tina M. Martin
Executive Director
CARE for Children
Bradford, PA


I am consistently impressed at how Michael Brand can challenge conventional thinking and get groups moving which have stagnated for 6-9-12 months.

Amelia Smith
Community Engagement Coordinator
Northern Tier CAC
Emporium, PA


We will either drive change or be run over by change...

This is a time of incredible change. The American economy is undergoing a once in a generation transformation.  There are fundamental foces bearing down on every sector of society: housing, education, health care, workforce development, government.   What we do know is that the nonprofit sector will look very different five years from now.  The question:  Will you be leading the change or be on the outside asking 'what happened'?

You already have the talent and experience to increase revenues, improve outcomes and speed performance.  It's not good enough to say, "Yes, we should try to change sometime soon". The time to accelerate is now

Let's work together to move your nonprofit ahead of the curve. If you're honestly interested in building your organization and strengthening your career, why not spend a few profitable minutes reviewing the material on this site. Below you will find just a few of the important ideas you'll discover as you look around, or you may want to jump right away to the articles section, or browse through the recommended resources.

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For 25 years I've helped nonprofits all over the globe take their good work and make it great work. Let me help you do it Bigger, Better, Faster, Cheaper.