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Michael Brand has raised millions, given away millions and despite his best intentions, probably wasted a million along the way.   He knows the nonprofit community well, having lived on both sides of the street first as a nonprofit leader then as a philanthropist.  In addition to his grantmaker experience, he’s tackled every leadership role imaginable: Board Chair, Director, Fundraiser, Volunteer, Donor, Advisor.  And he’s done it not just in the USA but Europe and Australia as well.

Today, Michael infuses his speaking engagements, workshops, and coaching sessions with his passion for the role nonprofits play in creating a compassionate and civil society. 

In addition, Michael is a keen observer of the trends that are just beginning to rock our world.  If you thought the past 10 years were disruptive, wait till you see what’s coming in the next ten.  When you work with Michael Brand you’ll be able to see over the horizon as well as position yourself for long-term success.

“A nonprofit sector influencer.”  “Successful catalyst for igniting innovation and transformation.”   “A dynamic speaker who is committed to developing entrepreneurial thinking and action in leaders.”

Are you passionate about your mission? Are you worried about where all this change is heading?  Do you want to move from inertia to innovation? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these then you’re in the right place.

“Michael packed a punch with his concise, usable and relevant material.  Local non profit volunteers and board members went away from his workshop with plenty to think about and actionable strategies.  We can’t wait to book him for the next in the series!”

georgia abbey

Georgia Abbey

Executive Director, Leadership Centre County

Creating Fiscal Sustainability & Restoring Funding

“If you still want to be in business in 2020 then you have to look for new ways of financing your agenda….dependence upon government contracts or large donors leaves you extremely vulnerable.  To survive you have to seriously plan for social enterprise, joint operations, strategic alliances and other emerging ways to deliver services in the new environment.” Michael

Rekindling and Strengthening Leadership

“Old models of leadership are falling aside to make way for new thinking.  Some of this change is driven by a wealth of creative, energetic talent flooding in from Generation X and Y.   Another pressure point is the demands of the changing economy. Today’s leadership requires passion, open-mindedness and courage. Modern leaders need to adapt to this new environment.” Micheal

Developing and Improving Programming

“There are a wide variety of reasons for reinventing programming in a nonprofit…especially in today’s chaotic environment. However, there are several catalysts for reinvention that come up again and again. Each of my programs is custom-tailored to meet the needs and objectives of your organization and group.” Michael

Revitalizing Careers and Employee Enthusiasm

“The good news is that between 1980 and 2004 employee satisfaction grew at  consistent rate…..the bad news is that trend has reversed….dramatically.  Now less than 20% of the workforce is ‘engaged”, and on the other end 25% are openly disgruntled.  That is a bad omen for your future productivity and economic growth.” Michael

Rejuvenating Performance

“Improving employee morale benefits everyone at work. Boosting employee morale means that people will take more pride in their work, call in sick less often and be more productive. Happier employees mean happier employers, since the employer will not lose money due to inefficiency and lost time. I will show you how improving employee morale can be accomplished with some simple, consistent steps.” Michael

Driving Home a Message

“Sometimes you simply need an outside voice to drive your message home. Sometimes the old adage that the prophet is not welcome in his own home town rings so true. When you need a fresh face and fresh voice to drive your initiatives or trumpet your vision, I can help.”  Michael


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