When Change Is No Longer An Option, But An Absolute Necessity

Michael helps nonprofits, public agencies and civic organizations elevate their talent so they can get more money, get more people and get more done.

Michael Brand

Let's Go From Good To Great

For a generation Michael Brand has been carrying the message of transformation; that we can rethink the whole nature of our organization and create exciting new models which not only build a better world but also fulfills the hearts of members, donors, volunteers, and staff.


Michael Brand

Diverse Experience Makes The Difference

Michael has raised millions, managed millions, and given away millions.  He's done every conceivable role in a nonprofit: Board President, CEO, Fundraiser, Advocate, Volunteer. 

And he's done it in 14 states as well as Europe and Australia.

Additionally, Michael has sat on the other side of the fence as a funder and grantmaker.  This diverse experience makes the difference when helping you go from Good To Great.

  • Keynote Speeches
  • Board Leadership
  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Asset-Based Leadership
  • Team Development
  • Career Counselling
  • Diversity In Depth

We are in an Age Of Austerity yet an Era Of Abundance

Are you a leader wanting to unlock the genius within your organization? Take a seat at the StrengthsCafe.  Is the world coming at you too quickly to effectively plan?  FASTstrategy gets you moving at the speed of business.  Need a diversity, experience which unifies rather than divides?  Diversity In-Depth will get you compliant without disrupting your internal culture.

Let's Get To Work

Michael Brand

In their Own Words

In short 60-90 second clips, these successful executives share how working with Michael elevated their organization, their work, and their career.


Let's Get To Work - In-person Or Virtual

Are you....

  • A leader wanting to unlock the genius within your organization?
  • A career seeker needing to explain how your talents will add fantastic value to a company?
  • A nonprofit craving to maximize the talent on your staff and board?

Michael created the StrengthsCafe as an interactive experience in which you pull on past success in order to broaden and deepen your understanding of your superstar gifts. Don’t leave it to others to figure out what you do well. Grab a cup of your future at the StrengthsCafe.


"My advice?  DO IT"

Stephen Achillies - CEO, Exceed Enterprises

Does Your Board Suffer From...

  • Trouble getting a quorum for our meetings
  • Ineffectual fund raising
  • Inability to make prompt decisions on pressing issues
  • Early resignations of members before their board term ends
  • Members not sure of their job

The problem is NOT bad board members. The problem is we are using an organizational model which is at least three decades out of date.

Let's restructure your Board into a flat and fast governance body that can excel in a disruptive environment.


"Looking closer at NIMBLE, the model made perfect sense for us.   Eliminates much of the typical friction which slows down the board"

Alfred "Ted" Thonstad - Director, Oregon Schools Fdn

Invigorate and Empower...

Michael energizes your gathering with the message that  (despite the headlines) we are currently living in an era of abundance.  Dynamic from the stage, Michael encourages us all to look around and harvest the resources needed to build a more compassionate world.


"I booked Michael to speak at our regional conference on Creating Enthusiastic Employees. He structured the session to include plenty of interaction among attendees which created tremendous buzz.. For anyone arranging a conference, I highly recommend Michael on engaging an audience, delivering on content as well as making life easy for the conference planner :-)"
Kristen Biers - Alzheimer's Association

Become An Innovation Organization...

Did you know that most significant new ideas come from inside our organization and NOT from some creative mind in Silicon Valley.  So let's tap into the intra-preneurs already on our payroll.

Michael takes us thru a problem-based learning program which exposes enrollees to the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset.  Participants work on "real world" problems and apply eight fundamental concepts. This enables our people to identify, evaluate, and transform new ideas into successful efforts.


"Logically organized and facilitated with the highest enthusiasm.  Looking back three years later, I can identify four significant innovations in our agency which came out of out time in Michael's 'Entrepreneur Academy,  Our employees continue to approach problems with an entrepreneurial mindset .  We are more efficient and more effective.

Casey Whitmann - CEO, Barker Center for Children

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Michael Brand