Michael Brand

woman with broken piano

Let’s Kill Our Fundraising Event

The worst way to raise money is by holding a ...
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Spending Big Bucks On Strategic Planning Is a crime

Strategic Planning Must Die – Time To Go FAST

We need it, but we hate it. What if we ...
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What Everyone Gets Wrong About Independence Day

You think you're celebrating the birth of a country, but ...
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Woman With Baby

Work From Home: The Future

Work From Home:? We have news: some good news, some ...
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Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno And The Unfinished Business at Penn State

The university and the surrounding community must come to grips ...
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Doing The Minimum Wage

Doing The Minimum Wage

An older man standing by the road holding a cardboard ...
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Closing Your Nonprofit

Closing Your Nonprofit: Is It Time?

If you think launching was hard work, try closing your ...
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Great Board Members

Recruiting Great Board Members

Truly transformative leaders don’t fall from the sky.  Recruiting great ...
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Why Our Service Clubs Are Dying

Service clubs make our communities stronger, more interesting, and more ...
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